Collaboration with Emerald Giant Productions

Rob Gill, Sylvia Moore and Zeb Moore — Founders of Emerald Giant Productions

Rob Gill, Sylvia Moore and Zeb Moore — Founders of Emerald Giant Productions


California and Ireland Based Production Teams Join Forces


(STOCKTON, CA; LIMERICK, IRELAND) - Two film production teams, HYSTERIA PICTURES based in Stockton, CA and EMERALD GIANT PRODUCTIONS (EGP), based in County Clare, Ireland, are coming together to co-produce the film THE YELLOW WALLPAPER. The project is being led by Kevin Pontuti who is directing and producing along with his partner, Alexandra Loreth, who is producing and also acting. Emerald Giant Productions is led by producers Sylvia Moore, Rob Gill and Zeb Moore. THE YELLOW WALLPAPER is a feature length adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, written in 1892. Filming will take place in July of 2019, partially in County Clare, Ireland, with specific locations to be identified, and on campus at Stockton’s University of the Pacific in California’s central valley. The two teams have partnered with the hope of more international collaborations in the future, and with the promise of expanding art scenes and industry opportunities in their relative areas.

The two production teams met in Limerick in 2017 at the Richard Harris International Film Festival (RHIFF) which is run by the founders of EGP, and where HYSTERIA PICTURES had a short film screening as part of the festival’s yearly programming. Shortly after Pontuti and Loreth’s visit to Ireland, they began pre-production on THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, and the next year returned to Ireland to meet the EGP and festival team and to discuss further collaborations between the two teams, their cities, and the United States and Ireland in general. Limerick is now home to the largest production studio in Ireland, Troy Studios, and the University of Limerick (formerly known as Thomond College, where Pontuti studied as an undergrad as part of a study abroad program).

THE YELLOW WALLPAPER is a story set in the late 1800s about a young mother - probably suffering from postpartum depression - who is diagnosed with hysteria and taken to the countryside by her physician husband for a rest treatment. She is ordered to sleep and eat and get fresh air and barred from anything more, including writing, painting, and taking care of her own child. Locked in a room and deprived of almost everything else, she begins to see patterns in the yellow wallpaper decorating her space, and eventually the patterns start to resemble a woman trapped. Symbolic of her own entrapment, she sets out to free the woman, and sinks further into disillusionment and madness in the process. The story has all but a happy ending. THE YELLOW WALLPAPER is taught widely throughout high schools and colleges in the U.S. and is considering a canonical piece of feminist literature to many. The story deals with issues of mental health, women’s rights and women’s health, patriarchal systems, and parenthood, and is relevant to modern day in many ways despite being written over 125 years ago.

Emerald Giant Productions DAC was founded by Zeb and Sylvia Moore and Rob Gill in 2018. EGP’s objective is to produce high quality independent Films and TV series. The company has a number of feature length projects  and co-productions in pre-production. The founders had previously established the Richard Harris International Film Festival in 2013.

Founded by Kevin Pontuti and Alexandra Loreth in 2019, HYSTERIA PICTURES is the parent company of PENITENT PRODUCTIONS and THE YELLOW WALLPAPER FILM.


For further information, Kevin Pontuti can be reached by email or phone (listed below) or through the THE YELLOW WALLPAPER website ( For more information about EGP, those curious are encouraged to reach out by emailing Rob Gill at

Contact: Kevin Pontuti, Hysteria Pictures
Phone: +1 310-365-6568

Contact: Rob Gill, Emerald Giant Productions
Phone: +353 87 2468686

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