September 2019 Update



This summer has been a big one, and we’re happy to announce that we officially have our first assembly cut of The Yellow Wallpaper finished! It’s really beautiful, a little messy right now....and it’s three hours long. But, hey! That’s what an assembly cut is supposed to be— all the footage strung together for a first look.

And so far it’s looking great! The cinematography, costumes, actors, props, makeup, sound, and of course, our Irish locations, are coming together beautifully. We can’t wait to show you. Just not quite yet ; )

Our next step is to make some broader picture editing decisions and really find the film structure. This is where we begin to shape the story visually and clarify the themes and subtext. We’ll probably go from 180 minutes down to about 90, and this is where those big decisions happen as we get closer to a *less rough* rough cut. We’re aiming for a Spring 2020 completion (possibly sooner depending on our post-production fundraising) and while there is still quite a bit of work to do, we’re making great headway. And again, it’s looking GREAT so far.

As mentioned above, we are still fundraising for post-production. We have applied for two grants, one through SFFILM and another through Cinereach. Fingers crossed! We are also still accepting contributions through our fiscal sponsor, Film Independent. We will continue to keep you all updated throughout this editing and post-production process, and hope to get back to you with some big news soon.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Best regards,

Kevin, Lexi
...and the Yellow Wallpaper Team

Kevin Pontuti